Bonar Yarns 100th Birthday!
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    Bonar Yarns turned 100 years old on the 17th of January 2014, which is a pretty big milestone if you ask us.

    This means that we, Bonar yarns, have had a century of experience in the creation and manufacture of top-quality yarn; which just goes to show how strong, innovative and sustainable we are as a company. This milestone has re-enforced our belief that we can further raise the quality and perception of our products and brand over the next 100 years, whilst continuing to maintain the highest standards and service possible.

    We will feel significantly proud of our heritage especially our experience, hard work and determination over the last 100 years in the industry and want to share our pride in Bonar Yarns with our Staff and our Customers; therefore a commemorative historical profile will be planned and created for later on this year to celebrate our centric milestone.

    As luck might have it our 100th birthday also coincided with the one year anniversary of the completion of the Saracens rugby pitch, created using our grass yarn.

    Showing that our company is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago. Greatness is in the Detail.