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    Bonar Yarns

    At Bonar Yarns, we specialise in manufacturing top-quality yarns for use in woven carpet.

    We see it as our role to advance the entire sector through our commitment to innovation, quality and customer service. Our goal is to meet our customers’ needs, therefore we focus on the product and the delivery. By constantly measuring and improving everything we do, we believe we can further raise the quality and perception of our products, just like we did when we started over 100 years ago.

    We focus on
    every single

    At Bonar Yarns, we believe that individual details turn something ‘good’ into something truly ‘great’

    At first glance our yarns are a small detail in much larger products, yet all of these applications depend on durability to deliver great performance. That’s why we focus on every single yarn we develop, every single fibre we produce and every single process involved in doing so.

    Low & Bonar Dundee Ltd

    We take pride in every yarn, every project and every achievement; therefore we have incorporated a frequently updated News section which highlights all of these key aspects. Alongside key news items, video material has been integrated to provide insight into our factory operations to further enhance our capabilities and product offering as a top-quality yarn producer.


    We offer you freedomof choice

    Every single company who wishes to source yarn products from us can do so, since we have no stake in any other link in the supply chain. We’re not only the preferred choice of the independent weaver, but we’re also able to meet the volume needs of large manufacturers.

    Great performance depends not only on durability and quality, but also on the right quantity being readily available. We can hold stock for you, and our state-of-the art inventory controls allow easy dispatch, management and re-stocking.

    Quality is at the heart of what we do

    All of our yarns are subject to extensive testing to ensure we consistently deliver best-in-class quality. In fact, a yarn is normally in development for many months before it is released into production.

    Quality starts with the raw materials, and we use only the highest-grade polymers. In our own laboratories and QC test rooms, we conduct extensive checks before, during and after the production process to deliver exceptional proven durability and performance in every single fibre.

    Our processes
    are second to none

    Every single aspect of production is carefully monitored.

    Our product equipment is serviced and maintained to the highest standards, all materials and products are checked and tested against relevant parameters, our processes are fine-tuned as necessary to pre-empt quality issues and each of our employees has an individual skill matrix, a proven framework for monitoring their competence levels and are provided with ongoing training.

    Our manufacturing process is certified to quality standard ISO9001:2015

    innovation and

    Work is conducted in our excellent in-house research facilities in Dundee (UK) and externally to optimise every single detail of our synthetic yarns: uniformity, Dtex, shrinkage, tensile strength and fibrillation pattern.

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    we care
    about the environment

    In every single aspect, we strive to reduce our impact on the environment. We think that sustainability is in everyone’s long-term interest.

    We use a technology which allows us to recycle much of our polymer waste by re-extruding it into pellets. These pellets are then used to produce certain types of yarn, always to our high standard of quality, making our process both environmentally and financially efficient.

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