The Weaver Incorporation of Dundee

    The Weaver Incorporation of Dundee is one of the ‘Nine Trades of Dundee’ and are an organisation dedicated to funding various organisations in the area including underprivileged children. Members of this group include various past and present members of Bonar Yarns staff. The group’s efforts help fund events and activities which promote weaving and skills.

    David Edgar, our QHSE manager, is the School Liaison Officer for the organisation, who through the Weavers Trade gets involved in numerous school projects. Through the supply of handlooms, pre-school’s, primary and special schools for learning difficulties are able to develop weaving skills. David is also involved in representing Bonar Yarns at training sessions for 5th Year pupils in various Dundee schools, giving them a better understanding of how a modern textile company operates in todays environment, highlighting opportunities, and what the local area has to offer for their future. This helps raise the profile of Bonar Yarns, due to being one of the only manufacturing companies left in Dundee, as well as manufacturing for the last 100 years.

    This is an extremely beneficial and worthwhile cause for all involved, as it helps promote manufacturing, weaving, education and involves the local community in what we have t It’s an extremely beneficial and worthwhile cause for all involved.

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    For more Information Visit: Nine Trades of Dundee