Our Core Values

    The world is constantly changing, and we must look ahead to continue to thrive and progress as a sustainable business.

    Five core values have been highlighted to which, as we progress, will be developed to suit the entire needs of the company. These core values will allow us to raise the bar amongst our competitors and achieve our long-terms goals, as well as serving as a compass for our actions.

    No One Tries Harder for their Customers

    We aim to understand our customers and be the first to meet their needs. To effectively achieve this we need to have a “Can do” attitude to get the job done, and work effectively as a team to accomplish results.

    Treat people how you would like to be treated

    At Bonar Yarns we trust and respect each other as well as listen, support and say thank you in regards to colleagues and customers. We thrive on the ability to share knowledge and experience to ensure that everyone can achieve their best.

    Always be Accountable

    We always take personal accountability for actions, but focus on finding solutions. We always keep promises and commitments made to others, as well as personally committing to the well-being and success of colleagues and customers.

    We Are Passionate About Our Company and Brand

    We plan on emphasising this through respecting our brand and heritage, delighting our customers in the high quality of our service and products, as well as promoting a positive, energizing, optimistic and fun environment. Above all others we will value, promote and protect our reputation.

    Strive for Simplicity

    At every opportunity we seek to simplify our processes and activities, working across organisational boundaries to breakdown internal barriers. This will effectively help to deal with issues directly, making a more efficient and productive workforce.

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