Innovation for Global Growth

    There can be little doubt that the contemporary business environment is one where countries, companies and institutions face significant socio-economic challenges in relation to changing demographic societal composition, competition from emerging and emergent economies, and the inexorable growth and sophistication of science and technology. Therefore, innovation is and will continue to be the principle vehicle for economic activity and growth.

    Abertay University’s Dundee Business School, alongside its partners in industry and commerce, share the view that there needs to be greater emphasis on building and maintaining links between key economic and university sectors for the advancement of economic growth. The Innovation for Global Growth (IGG) project is an ongoing initiative aimed at fostering a community of innovators for the future of business.

    The event provides students with the opportunity to develop solutions to real business challenges set by organisations from a range of business sectors including food-and-drink, banking, textiles, manufacturing and telecoms.

    At the end of 2015 Bonar Yarns were presented with the opportunity to be involved with the IGG event at Abertay university, to help mentor students and provide them with a live business experience.

    Last week two members of the Bonar Yarns team attended the IGG event to represent Bonar Yarns, and present an overview of the company (including industry overview, product range, target market and ongoing market information) to provide further background and insight to aid the students solution presentations.

    Bonar yarns 3

    Working in small teams, the students applied their studies to various industry and business questions/discussions which are currently of interest to Bonar Yarns, before pitching their solution(s) back to the two members of the Bonar Yarns team. An exercise which proved extremely successful

    This year was also the first time that non-Abertay students were involved – with twenty postgraduate students from the University of St Andrews’ masters course in human resource management joining a few of the sessions at IGG.

    Charlie Malone, event leader from Abertay University’s Dundee Business School, said:

    “Innovation for Global Growth has developed into a major annual event at Dundee Business School and this year we’ve opened it up to more students than ever before, giving undergraduates the chance to pitch ideas to major global companies. We’re always looking at ways of making our teaching and learning practical and business-focused. Facing the pressure of a commercial environment in a safe way is a very exciting experience for our students. For the companies themselves, it lets them collect fresh new ideas for challenges they’re currently facing as well as showcasing our most promising graduates who will be the business leaders of the future.”

    Alongside Bonar Yarns, a few of the other organisations setting challenges for the students this year included: The Sea Fish Company, Heineken, AJ Barr’s, BT and Bank of Scotland.

    It was a great event which further emphasised Bonar Yarns ongoing partnership with the university – something which we are extremely proud of and look forward to being involved with many more events in the future.

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