After 5 years of sharing a joint stand with Colbond (now “Bonar”), Bonar Yarns & Fabrics returned to having our own stand at DOMOTEX this year with tremendous success.

    “Having our own stand proved to be more economically viable and generated tremendous interest for both the carpet and grass yarn sectors” commented FCT. “The choice of stand location was pivotal to the high volume of foot traffic we received and with a few minor modifications, we will be back exhibiting again in 2015, in the same place”.

    Domotex Hannover, is one of the largest floor covering exhibitions in the world with huge global representation. It is an ideal showcase for Bonar Yarns and Fabrics, as the market leader in PP backing yarns to the woven carpet market, to meet customers (old and new), while reinforcing the brand that has come to represent quality and value over the last 44 years.

    “We sell carpet backing yarns to 22 countries, so having an international exhibition such as Domotex Cologne as a base, provides a very cost effective way to see a large number of (potential) clients and find out what’s happening in the market place by networking and socialising during the evenings.More and more grass contacts are also appearing at Domotex so the value of being there increases year on year.”

    The success of the show resulted in a significant number of business meetings and new prospects, as well as promotion of Bonar Yarns to our target group; showing that we are preparing for our future in the Yarn Industry. Bonar Yarns & Fabrics will be present at Domotex Shanghai from March 25th – 27th 2015.

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