Whenever we develop a new yarn at Bonar Yarns, we always start by considering the specific factors that are required. Our high performance yarns achieve the difficult balance between tensile strength, tenacity and shrinkage.

    BonaEco™: the 100% recycled yarn

    We have developed a recycling program, in-house, which could have a dramatic impact on they way in which polypropylene carpet backing yarns are produced. Using a dynamic process, we can produce PP warp and weft yarns made from 100% recycled material, that can technically meet all tex and shrinkage requirements consistently, so that the quality of the end product is in no way compromised.

    In addition to BonaEco™, Low & Bonar Dundee Ltd regular choice of fibrillated polypropylene yarns are recyclable. This means that these carpets can be reprocessed more easily than those with mixed fibre yarns.

    Company overview
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