Bonar Yarns: Heavy Metals Toxicology Statement

    Bonar Yarns prides itself on its responsibility to the environment and to manufacturing in a responsible manner. Bonar Yarns were amongst the first yarn producers to offer environmentally friendly raw materials as early as 1999. All Bonar Yarns grass products are produced to conform to the DIN 18035-7 standard for the leaching of lead and other heavy metals into the surrounding environment.

    Bonar Yarns does not knowingly add heavy metals. According to current legislation heavy metals commonly are described as lead, cadmium, total chromium – including hexavalent chromium – mercury, tin and zinc. In addition we include antimony, and other chemicals included on Annex XIV of REACH regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006.

    All Bonar Yarns products are tested according to the EN 71-3 – this European standard contains strict safety requirements for the migration of certain elements in various categories of toy materials. All Bonar Yarn products pass these requirements; therefore we conclude the yarn products produced are 100% safe – even for young children to play on/use.

    Furthermore we ensure that all our suppliers are REACH compliant.

    In order to ensure that Bonar Yarns meets these standards, the following activities are conducted on a continuous basis:

    • Detailed information is obtained on specification and declaration from suppliers of raw materials to Bonar Yarns.
    • Incoming and finished goods are tested for heavy metal contents.
    • We prevent and verify that no heavy metals are generated during the production process.

    Bonar Yarns remains steadfast in its dedication to environmentally friendly production, from raw materials to finished product, and supports industry-wide initiatives to make the grass business even “greener”.

    *Bonar Yarns synthetic grass yarns are produced in Dundee and Abu Dhabi.

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    For more information visit: CPC Report and Synthetic Turf Council