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    Bonar Yarns turned 100 years old at the beginning of this year, and we believe that reaching 100 years in the manufacturing industry is something to be immensely proud of. To commemorate this centric milestone a historical project has been planned for the summer, enabling us to look back over the last 100 years at Caldrum Works and effectively see the development of Bonar Yarns.

    There has been wide and varied aspects of research carried out, to which all has been extremely interesting and informative. Past and present employees have volunteered to share memories, stories and their experiences of life working in the factory and how Bonar Yarns has developed over the years. To keep interested parties updated on the progress of the project see below our monthly blog featuring extra information and interesting developments from the research.

    “Low and Bonar companies have always had a policy of expansion but kept their head office in Dundee. This has seen management travel far and wide to seek out new opportunities and acquisitions. The staff would be producing items that were destined for all points of the globe. Throughout the 1970s the group concentrated upon non-woven products and overseas expansion. Bonar Inc in Canada opened factory outlets in Calgary and Vancouver to expand the market for electrical engineering products. American outlets included Tyler, Texas and Powertec in California. Packaging and polythene films were produced for everything from biscuits to CDs. Synthetic tapes made at Bonar Yarns, Caldrum Works, found their way to Malaysia and the Pacific Ocean countries. The first plastics in Africa were produced in Zambia when agricultural irrigation pipe manufacturer Lusaka Plastics were merged into the Low and Bonar group. By 1980 Low and Bonar had divided their company into four geographical areas of UK and Europe, Africa, Pacific Australiasia and the USA. With so much travel involved it seems logical to hear that in the 1980s the group diversified into travel with AT Mays. With such links to the world what kept the HQ in Dundee?”

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