Bonar Yarns Fibres for use in Woolen Rugs and Carpets
    FullSizeRender(4) PP Fib yarns

    Bonar Yarns has been manufacturing high quality polypropylene carpet backing yarns since 1970, ensuring a far more uniform and stronger backing than jute – increasing our customers loom efficiency and speed to create some of the most spectacular carpets all over the world.

    Polypropylene is water resistant, acid, mould and fungus resistant – not to mention clean to work with. These inherent properties make our PP yarn ideal for carpet backing, particularly for heavy duty contract carpet e.g. cruise ships and aircrafts.

    Our customer Erdenet Carpet LLC is a manufacturer of woolen rugs and carpets, and over the last few years has been investing in new technology and machinery to enhance their products using the ‘Axminster’ technique.

    For the new loom they required high performance polypropylene, fibrillated yarns, to which Bonar Yarns were more than happy to help supply the correct quantity of PP yarn fibres. Since the introduction of Bonar Yarns PP yarn, Erdenet has applied them for various wall-to-wall carpets with more than fantastic results.

    Although Bonar Yarns mainly supply yarn fibres for use in synthetic turf surfaces, we also have valuable experience and knowledge in synthetic yarns for woven carpet – taking care of all of your synthetic yarn needs.

    Greatness is in the Detail

    For more information visit: Erdenet Carpet LLC, and Bonar Yarns Carpet