Bonar Yarns Dundee Factory Achieve 2 Years LTA Free

    Last month Bonar Yarns reached a major Health & Safety landmark, where the Dundee site celebrated two years without a Lost Time Accident (LTA) on the 19th of May 2016.

    The Dundee factory is the main production site for carpet backing yarns within the Low & Bonar Group, it is also home to certain fibrillated and KdK yarns which are some of the best within the synthetic turf industry. The achievement, however, was only made possible from the commitment and focus from the entire workforce at the Dundee site.

    Bonar Yarns have continuously had a strong focus and commitment, both Group-wide and local, in regards to health and safety. For example Group–wide the Dundee site implemented a L&B Safety Week which was held at the end of 2015 and proved to be a huge success, creating awareness about the importance of safety in the workplace and key prevention methods to reduce any possible accidents or risks.

    Locally, programmes such as See It Fix It Report It (SIFIRI) are put in place to encourage employees to get involved with the potential safety issues and resolve them before someone an accident occurs. This further encourages employee involvement with potential safety issues, resulting in a reduction of safety risks.

    The last two years at the Bonar Yarns Dundee site, without any LTA’s has been an major achievement. The challenge now is to maintain, and indeed, improve upon this new record into the future.

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