Low & Bonar Dundee Background


    Bonar Yarns

    Bonar Yarns has been manufacturing high quality PP backing yarns for Axminster and Wilton woven carpets – making innovative, ground breaking fibres that have transformed the industry. Founded on over a century of expertise and experience, Bonar Yarns is one of the oldest and most successful independent yarn manufacturers for woven carpet yarns.

    Our History

    Global Market Leader

    Low & Bonar Dundee Ltd is a global market leader in supplying the most advanced yarns to the world’s carpet producers.

    As part of a the Low & Bonar group, Low & Bonar Dundee Ltd are able to effectively serve their global customer base from Dundee (Scotland) through strategic distribution hubs, to provide a local and comprehensive service.

    Much more than a small Detail

    At first glance, Bonar Yarns appear to be a small detail in larger projects; however all are dependent on our Yarns for shrinkage, tensile strength and fibrillation pattern. After all Greatness is in the Detail.

    Company overview
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